VMU hardware overview

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Visual Memory Unit
  • CPU: 8-bit Sanyo LC86K87 @ 6Mhz (attached to controller) or 32Khz (standalone)
  • RAM: 256 bytes for applications, 256 reserved for system BIOS, 512 bytes WRAM
  • Flash: 128 KB (200 blocks)
  • Power source: Two CR2032 batteries with auto-off function
  • Display: 48 dot Width x 32 dot Height resolution, Monochrome
  • Display size: 37 mm (1.46 inches) Width x 26 mm (1.02 inches) Height
  • Sound: PWM sound chip, 1-channel PWM sound source
  • Timer: 16-bit clock-timer, 16-bit (or 2x 8-bit) counters
  • Serial Interface: Dedicated Maple interface (VMU-to-Dreamcast) or Synchronous 8-bit serial interface with 2 transfer channels (VMU-to-VMU)