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Simulant is a cross-platform general-purpose game engine written in C++.

It is designed with portability in mind, using minimal dependencies and targetting C++11 (rather than more modern versions of the language).

The aim of Simulant is to create an easy-to-use game engine to allow building homebrew for older games consoles, as well as creating a great developer-experience on modern platforms.


  • Easy to use API, and getting simpler all the time!
  • Flexible rendering pipeline
  • Complex material scripting format
  • Loading of .obj models and the X-Wing vs Tie Fighter .opt format
  • Loading of MD2 animated models
  • Loading of Q2 BSP files (needs work)
  • Loading of heightmap terrains from image files
  • Advanced spatial hash partitioning and culling
  • Loading of JPG, PNG, TGA, WAL, PCX images and more!
  • Shortcut functions for loading 2D sprites, 2D backgrounds and 3D skyboxes
  • Simple scene graph functions
  • UI widgets (Button, Label, Progress Bar)
  • Basic rigid body physics using the Bounce library
  • Procedural functions for generating spheres, cubes, capsules, circles and rectangles
  • Functions for creating lights, multiple viewports and cameras


Generate profiling data

Official Repository

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