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This page serves as a placeholder/index for old tools hosted by DCEmulation that need proper archival.

Mac tools -- A Mac subpage.

  • e-selfbt - the very original Echelon selfboot toolkit
  • CDMage 1.01.5 and 1.02.1b - Windows GUI program useful for checking the integrity of ISOs
  • IPBIN4WIN 0.8b by Dextrose - Windows GUI IPBIN editor
  • IP2POST utility - batch file, drag/drop IP.BIN/IP0000.BIN/track03.iso of a Dreamcast disc to print its metadata to a text file, useful for making posts on Dumpcast
  • makesort - Windows utility to convert isobuster sort files to cdrecord format
  • dccuegen.bat - quick and crude cuesheet generator batch file for dreamcast dumps (cuesheet can be mounted and loaded into ISOBuster for extraction/manipulation of GD high density)
  • dcdump.sh - bash script for automating dumping GD-ROMs with httpd-ack on Win10 (WSLv1/v2), macOS, or Linux
  • gdhack - Windows binhacking utilities (cdda, dahack, hack3)
  • gdhack4 - Windows binhacking utility (hack4)