Hardware overview

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  • CPU: Hitachi SuperH SH7750 SH-4 RISC CPU @ 200MHz
    • 200 MHz/360 MIPS at 3.3V I/O, 1.8V internal
    • 16 x 32-bit general purpose registers
    • 32 x 32-bit single-precision floating point registers
    • 16-bit fixed instruction length for high code density
    • 5 stage pipeline
    • On-chip cache, 8KB instruction and 16KB data
  • GPU: NEC PowerVR2 with 8MB of texture memory
  • Sound: Yamaha AICA (64 channel PCM sound) with 2MB memory
  • Memory: 16MB system memory
  • Storage: GD-ROM drive
  • Network: 33.6K or 56K modem

Sega Dreamcast Electronic Game Performance and Design Analysis by Portelligent