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The Sega Dreamcast BIOS has several known revisions:

Known BIOS images
Version Label Regions HW Revisions Notes CRC32 MD5 SHA1
v1.004 MPR-21068 Japan va0 No support for region flags in flash, hardcoded to Japan 5454841f 37c921eb47532cae8fb70e5d987ce91c 1ea132c0fbbf07ef76789eadc07908045c089bd6
v1.01c MPR-21871 PAL 2f551bc5 6679bc5f3006b5bdb019b2781f537373 1ede8d5be49116a4c6f3fe0961175469537a0434
v1.01d MPR-21931, MPR-21933 Japan, U.S., PAL va1 89f2b1a1 e10c53c2f8b90bab96ead2d368858623 8951d1bb219ab2ff8583033d2119c899cc81f18c
v1.01d (hack) ??? Japan va1 Treamcast console BIOS, menu translated to Chinese cff88d0d 583f96b3e255ed405abc5bdbad8635c0 e3f84705b183ffded0a349ac7f2ab00be2ab74ee
v1.022 MPR-23588 Japan, U.S. va2 MIL-CD loading support removed 786168f9 f2cd29d09f3e29984bcea22ab2e006fe ba8bbb90fdb29525f24f17055dc2c7b2d7674437

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