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The Dreamcast natively supports RF video, composite video, S-video, 15KHz RGB video ("RGB SCART"), and 31KHZ RGBHV ("VGA") output.

The RGB mode and VGA mode do not work for all official game titles. See the compatibility list for more details.

Aftermarket cables containing circuits with YPbPr conversion hardware can be purchased or created.

The Dreamcast can also be modified to support HDMI output.

A/V connector pinout
Pin Description
1 Ground
2 Audio (right channel)
3 Audio (left channel)
4 +12V
5 +5V
6 31KHz (grounded) or 15KHz (floating) selection
7 RGB (grounded) or composite/s-video (floating) selection
8 Vertical sync (only available in RGB or VGA mode)
9 Horizontal sync (only available in RGB or VGA mode)
10 Composite sync (only available in RGB mode, but not VGA)
11 Chrominance (only available in composite/s-video mode)
12 Luminance (only available in composite/s-video mode)
13 Composite video (only available in composite/s-video mode)
14 Blue (only available in RGB or VGA mode)
15 Green (only available in RGB or VGA mode)
16 Red (only available in RGB or VGA mode)

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