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Samba De Amigo Maracas, including box, mat, and ultrasonic receiver.

The maracas are a peripheral for the Sega Dreamcast which were used with the Latin-Themed dance rhythm game Samba De Amigo. They feature an ultrasonic sensor for positional tracking within 3D space along with sensors to detect when they are being shaked.

3rd Party "Cha Cha Amigo" Maracas

Maple Protocol

The Maracas peripheral implements the "FT0 (Controller)" function, meaning that its functionality is mapped to the various buttons and analog axes of a regular controller.

Button Mapping

Operation Left Maraca Right Maraca
Position Analog Axis A Analog Axis B
Shake B A
Button C Start
Connection Loss D Z


Upon reset, the maracas begin performing ultrasonic wave emission timing adjustment. During this process, button input is disabled, their positions remains fixed, and the connection loss signal is active. The following table dictates the duration of this period.

Port Seconds # of "Get Condition" queries
A 4 240
B 5 300
C 6 360
D 7 420

Note: evidently the timing adjustments for multiple maracas are still not guaranteed to succeed despite this initialization period. In such a scenario, additional software is required to manually make the adjustments.