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VMU Emulators are software applications that allow you to run enjoy VMU ROMs, games, applications, and animations without needing the actual VMU hardware.


ElysianVMU is a cross-platform feature-rich emulator being developed alongside the Elysian Shadows Toolkit, with the goal of bringing Dreamcast-exclusive VMU content to all platforms supported by their engine. The team has decided to release the emulator to the Dreamcast scene. It serves as a gaming platform, VMU filesystem manager, and even includes development tools targeted at helping developers write custom VMU software.

  • Official Page : https://evmu.elysianshadows.com
  • Developer by : Falco Girgis, Elysian Shadows Team
  • Status : Active
  • Compatibility: Very Good
  • Platform(s) :
    • Full Support: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Web, PSP, Raspberry Pi
    • Partial Support: GameCube
    • Future Support: iOS, Android, Dreamcast
  • Features
    • Supported File Formats:
      • ROM Images: .VMI/.VMS, .DCI,
      • Flash Images: .DCM, .VMU
      • Other: .BIN (bios), .LCD (VMU Animator)
    • Emulation
      • Save/Load State
      • Japanese + US Bios Support
      • Accurate Audio
      • Gamepad/Joystick Support
      • Analog Stick Support
      • Fullscreen and Pixel-Perfect Scaling Modes
      • Physically Accurate LCD Emulation (pixel ghosting, emulated grayscale)
      • Fast-Forward
      • Low-battery Emulation
      • Serial Communications
        • VMU-to-DC (using Maple over TCP/IP)
          • ESTk/Elysian Shadows Engine support (full)
          • DC Emulator support (WIP, pending someone willing to collaborate)
        • VMU-to-VMU
          • TCP/IP (partial support, WIP)
          • Serial/GPIO pins (Raspberry Pi only, WIP)
    • Filesystem Tools
      • File Filesystem Manager
      • VMU Animator File Playback
      • VMU Icon Ripping
      • VMU EyeCatch Ripping
      • Framebuffer Screenshot Capture
      • Record to Animated GIF
      • Convert/Export between file formats
      • Modify Volume Icon + Color
      • Jet Set (Grind) Radio Custom Graffiti Tool (WIP)
      • Lock/Unlock Extra Blocks
      • Defragmenter
      • File Checking/Repair/Debugging
    • Developer Tools
      • Frame-by-Frame Execution
      • Real-Time Memory Browser and Hex Editor (RAM/Flash)
      • Invalid Hardware Operation/Warning Log
      • Buzzer Tool (for audio composition/debugging) (WIP)


The original VMU emulator, written by the man who helped to reverse engineer the platform and kickstart the homebrew scene.

VeMUlator PRO

  • Google Play : [2]
  • Developer : MJaoune Software
  • Compatibility: Unknown
  • Platform(s) : Android

Visual Memory Emulator

  • Google Play : [3]
  • Developer : Kum
  • Compatibility : Unknown
  • Platform(s) : Android