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  • Aliases: Hayden Kowalchuk, mrneo240, neo, HaydenKow
  • Develops in: C, C++, ASM, PHP

Dreamcast Software

  • neoIP: Full open source IP.BIN replacement with a variety of options
  • nuQuake: OpenGL Port of glquake with 640x480 @ 60fps
  • gamejam: Multiplatform game engine/framework with Dreamcast being the main platform, used primarily for games but can be used for applications.

Desktop Software

  • Windows
    • PVieweR: View PVR images and convert to BMP
    • CDDA Tools: Rips CDI image Tracks to WAV and optionally converts to FLAC
    • PSOSS: Reads a .VMS save containing a Screenshot from Phantasy Star Online and converts to PNG
  • Web
    • DREAMCAST VMU ICONDATA CREATOR: Creates a Valid ICONDATA.VMS from any image with some customization