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|genre=Tool, Utility
|genre=Tool, Utility
|release_date= Jul 7, 2018
|release_date= Jul 11, 2008

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Title Screen
Released by ackmed (at) gotwalls.com
Name httpd-ack
Genre Tool, Utility
Release date Jul 11, 2008

Download Httpd-ack (info)

httpd-ack is software written for the Dreamcast to dump GD-ROMs via a Broadband Adapter link.


  • Assign a static IP to your Broadband Adapter using a web browser like XDP or Broadband Passport.
  • Burn the CDI image to a disc and boot the Dreamcast. Alternatively, boot the Dreamcast using dcload-ip and load the elf file with dc-tool:
dc-tool -t <dreamcast ip> -n -x httpd-ack.elf

On a PC connected to the same network as the Dreamcast, load a web browser and enter the Dreamcast IP in the URL bar. A menu interface will appear that will allow you to dump tracks from the GD-ROM by clicking a track to "download" it via your browser. By modifying the parameters of the links given to each track, you can manipulate the dumping options:

Dumping Parameters
Option Description
track%d dump track %d (or end sector if >= 100)
session%d dump session %d (or start sector if >= 100)
ipbintoc%s 1 = use cdrom TOC thats in IP.BIN for session 2
0 = use cdrom's TOC
(this option is useful for dumping GD-Rs with swap trick)
p%d unknown param when initializing the cdrom.
8192 and 4096 seem to be valid numbers. 8192 for data, 4096 for audio?
cdxa%d something to do with cdxa.
0, 1024, 2048 seem to be valid numbers. 1024 for data, 0 for audio?
sector_size%d what sector size to initial the cdrom with for reading.
2048 or 2352 are valid. 2352 doesnt always seem to stick and somehow depends on p and cdxa values.
gap%d the end sector for tracks is unknown (except for the last track in a session).
so the end sector is calculated by ((start sector of next track - 1) - gap%d).
dma%d 1 = use dma when transfering from cdrom
0 = use pio
sector_read%d number of sectors to read in each cdrom_read_sectors() call, max 128
sub%d 0 = dont dump sub channel
1 = use syscall method to dump sub channel
2 = use cdrom_read_sectors method to dump sub channel (dma will be forced to 0, sector_read will be forced to 1)
abort%d 1 = abort on read error
0 = continue on read error
retry%d if cdrom_read_sectors() call returns an error, the number of times to retry before giving up

Automating dumping

As only one track may be dumped at a time, and the user must sit at the web browser to start dumping the next track, it is recommended to use a script to automate the dumping process if a large number of GD-ROMs will be dumped. A script that can be run on Windows 10, macOS, or Linux is available.

GD-R dumping

It is possible to make httpd-ack use the TOC from the IP.BIN at sector 45000 for session 2. The ability to do this is to assist in making it possible to dump GD-R media using a swap disc method, as otherwise the TOC from the old disc would be used when swapping discs with the lid detection switch held down.




The following entry will be logged to the video output to indicate the software is using the TOC from the IP.BIN:

get_toc(): using ip.bin for TOC

Dumping a sector range

track%d and session%d have a dual meaning. If both are >= 100, the value of session%d will act as the start sector, and track%d the end sector, and instead of returning an entire track for download, the software will return a file only containing the specific sector range (session%d through track%d).




Historical builds