Flash Memory Eraser

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The Dreamcast Flash Memory Eraser is a small utility that erases the entire writable flash ROM of the Dreamcast. This is most useful for changing the serial number and access key for Phantasy Star Online. When run, it will show the Sega copyright screen and display a red border; when the red border turns green, the flash ROM is erased.

Note that this disc will delete all settings and information from the Dreamcast's internal memory, so you will lose PSO serial number/access key information, ISP settings, etc.

Warning: A user that has connected a +12V wire mod to enable writing to the normally read-only flash partition to change the Dreamcast's region coding or swirl color and left that wire connected will brick their console by running this disc. The console will be a no-region console unable to boot any discs unless the console is modded with a region-free BIOS.

Download CDI image