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This list is an adaptation of the [awesome-dreamcast](https://github.com/dreamcastdevs/awesome-dreamcast) repo on github.


  • Dreamcast.wiki - A brand new wiki with up-to-date information about the Dreamcast.
  • DCEmu Developement Wiki - Great resource to start. Somewhat incomplete in certain aspect.
  • Dreamcast-tutorial Github - A new-ish sets of tutorial with code example. Covers the basic (installing the toolchain, graphics, audio, controller)


  • KOS - The pseudo-OS that's been used in a lot of homebrew/indie.
  • DreamSDK - A multitool environment made for Windows. Maintained by [SiZiOUS](User:SiZiOUS)
  • BennuGD - A multi-platform engine
  • WincastCE - An experimental windows CE shell (?)
  • DreamShell - The popular alternative operating system for loading games/app from SD Card and IDE Drive
  • LibGyro - *(unreleased/in-development)* Cross-platform hardware abstraction layer being developed with Elysian Shadows, supporting Windows, Mac, Linux, PSP, Dreamcast, iOS, Android, OUYA, and more.
  • libronin - an independent development library created by the DreamSNES team


  • Elysian Shadows Toolkit - *(unreleased/in-development)* General-purpose Toolkit and Engine being actively developed to power Elysian Shadows. Engine and source will be released with the game.



  • ALdc - A OpenAL 1.2 implementation started by Kazade



  • Prism - CaptainDreamcast's set of utilities for Physics, files loading, etc. (*untested*)

Memory Management