Building KOS on Linux mint (or Ubuntu)

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The following has been tested under Linux Mint 18 on 9/9/2018

Build the KOS toolchain

First, you'll need to download this script.

In order to execute the script, you'll neet to set the execute flag on

In a terminal, type chmod +x then run it using ./

This script will take a long time to complete (10~ mins on Intel i3 6100) as it is downloading a bunch of dependencies and installing them.

Known Issues

You might have some problem with If you do, delete the content of both and banner.h and type run the script again using ./

Compiling done.

When KOS is fully compiled, it should open a web browser and print this message in the terminal :

Welcome to KOS! Please check out the example in /opt/toolchains/dc/kos/examples/dreamcast/kgl/nehe/nehe02 to get started. After editing main.c, type "make" to create an ELF executable. Run it using an emulator. KOS documentation is at When you start a new shell, please type -source /opt/toolchains/dc/kos/ in order to set the environment variables.


In order for your toolchain to work properly, you'll need to source the file. If you want to source it automatically, you can edit your .bashrc file using your favorite file editor and add source /opt/toolchains/dc/kos/ at the end of the file.

Otherwise, just make sure you run source /opt/toolchains/dc/kos/ in the terminal where you'll be compiling your Dreamcast programs.

You can test that your environ file is source by running echo $KOS_BASE and getting your KOS path in the terminal. You can also move to the KOS folder by typing cd $KOS_BASE.

Compile an example!

Let's try to compile the Hello World exemple.

cd $KOS_BASE/examples/dreamcast/hello and run make

You should get something like this :

rm -f hello.elf romdisk.* kos-cc -c hello.c -o hello.o /opt/toolchains/dc/kos/utils/genromfs/genromfs -f romdisk.img -d romdisk -v -x .svn 0 rom 5b9594b5 [0xffffffff, 0xffffffff] 37777777777, sz 0, at 0x0 1 . [0x801 , 0x381647 ] 0040755, sz 0, at 0x20 1 .. [0x801 , 0x38163b ] 0040755, sz 0, at 0x40 [link to 0x20 ] 1 .keepme [0x801 , 0x38164f ] 0100644, sz 0, at 0x60 /opt/toolchains/dc/kos/utils/bin2o/bin2o romdisk.img romdisk romdisk.o kos-cc -o hello.elf hello.o romdisk.o

Bravo! You compiled your first Dreamcast program.